Is the Priming Effect Silently Turning You Into a Jerk?

How This Hidden Influence Can Corrupt Your Choices

The priming effect is hard to believeHave you ever heard or seen something that seems so crazy that it can’t possibly be true… and yet it is?

Here’s a hidden decision influencer that sounds crazy… but its effects have been verified.

It is called the Priming Effect.

Here’s what it can do: trick our brains at the subconscious level… that then affects our choices and actions.

It can even (without your knowledge) turn you into a rude jerk that feels justified in being that way.

How the Priming Effect Works

Below is a video where I explain the results of four different research studies on the Priming Effect.

The researchers are able to make people—

•    Act completely differently (almost like puppets in the hands of the researchers)
•    Choose options that prior to the experiment they would not have chosen
•    Become more or less selfish depending on the stimulus

… all without the test subjects being aware of how they were being influenced.

Learning About the Priming Effect So You Can Be Ready

You need to know about the Priming Effect so you can see it when it’s happening to you… and how to counteract it.

It is crazy stuff… but verified by scientific research.

Watch it now and see what I mean. You’ll be shaking your head, I promise.

Want the infographic you saw in the video? You can pick it up here

YOUR TURN! Leave a comment below about the one thing that surprised you the most about the Priming Effect.

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One thought on “Is the Priming Effect Silently Turning You Into a Jerk?

  1. This is why we’re exposed to advertising 24/7/365. It’s pure propaganda meant to manipulate your thinking. And it’s rotting people’s critical thinking skills.