2 Surprising Reasons Why Wise Insights Has Grown So Rapidly

Learn Why This Unique Community Is Attracting & Touching So Many


You want a quick smile?

Below is a short, really funny video of a toddler. It will have you chuckling in less than 10 seconds. Promise!

It’s also a powerful visual metaphor for many of us in life.

… and one reason why the Wise Insights community was born.

See if you can guess what it is.

You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know

How did you feel while watching that video?

Didn’t you want to jump into the picture and help the little guy? Help him understand that there is a better way? “Son, there is a little trick to keep you from continually losing the ball… and preventing progress.”

True confession: For many years, I was like that little guy.

No, I didn’t wear an adult diaper, thank you very much.

I diligently worked hard to make progress on goals… but I never seemed to get ahead. To mix the metaphor, I was straining to get up the long hill, but the scenery never changed. I was still in the same place.

And I didn’t know why!

Can you relate to that frustration? That sense of futility?

I know many have or are experiencing this because I have talked to so many people and felt their frustration and weariness.

The Ah-ha! Moment

Then something really surprising and important happened.

First, I began to learn that hard work and even persistence weren’t enough… at least for me (and certainly for the toddler above).

Second, I learned about some unused resources that when combined with the above could be a difference maker.

These unused (or underutilized) resources were like maps that showed me better ways to get where I wanted to go… maps that had been verified by the careful study of countless lives.

Why use the trial and error method when you can know for sure the right way to go?

I began a quest to find and learn about various methods, techniques, and perspectives proven by scientific research and time-tested wisdom to make a difference in your results.

Things like…

  • How to make better decisions (better decisions = better life)
  • How to understand and overcome the hidden influences pulling me off course
  • How to be more motivated, even when facing “have-to” tasks
  • How to experience more consistent joy in my life by literally rewiring my brain.
  • How to reduce stress, have more energy, greater confidence, more fulfillment in life, etc.
  • How to have greater success in whatever I put my mind toward.

I found a surprising treasure trove of insights that personally helped me continue making progress… real progress.

Together Everyone Achieves More

I created Wise Insights to share these lessons with fellow achievers (those who are not content with the status quo, but have lofty goals and dreams they were chasing).

I want to help achievers…

  1. Maximize the outcome of their efforts
  2. Bypass unnecessary heartaches and frustrations by learning how to avoid the swamps and pits of life. (So many can be avoided!)
  3. Strengthen their resolve to keep moving forward.

I want to gather a community of like-minded people who are leveraging all available resources to keep moving forward toward their God-given destiny.

People who are courageously (and wisely!) striving toward better things… and refusing to settle for what currently is.

Is that you?

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Attraction to Real Solutions

This is one reason the Wise Insights community has grown to over 30,000 followers/fans in just a few short years.

This is not surprising. Who doesn’t want proven techniques that can help them make progress on their quest?

There is one other ingredient in the recipe of our growth: honesty and realism.

Attraction to Real Honesty

Let’s face it. Moving up the mountain is hard work. It can wear you down, demoralize you and make you want to quit.

I know I have.

This is the reason I am sooo turned off by those websites that overpromise the results of their solutions… and make it sound like success is an easy 1-2-3 if you spend $497 to buy their “system.”

Pure, unadulterated hogwash. (Insert your own bad word here)

That’s why you won’t find any magic pills here. No elevator that takes you straight to the top.

You will never hear overhyped, “this is a game-changer!” “Do this and your results will explode!”

The Honest Truth

Success takes work… even if you use EVERY great technique out there.

You will get weary. You will question whether it is worth the effort.

But you will keep going… because your situation HAS TO change.

The honesty of knowing we are all facing the same thing (and that it is hard sometimes), strengthens me to keep going.

What You Need To Do Next

Want to join an honest community and learn how to maximize results and minimize frustrations?

If you are like me and find yourself unable or unwilling to settle for the status quo…

… leave a comment below and let me know what has kept YOU moving forward.

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8 thoughts on “2 Surprising Reasons Why Wise Insights Has Grown So Rapidly

  1. Very inspirational post. Ya are right when you say better decision is the key to better life but that’s the challenging part as your decisions are based on present scenario and in dynamic environment that may be not up to the mark, most of the time luck too plays a significant role in proving your decision right.

  2. Thanks Roger for sharing your thoughts. Yes, you are correct. We make decisions based on the present scenario but there are invariably other factors that we could not possible know at that time.

    So, even if you do everything correctly (based on current info), there are no guarantees it will turn out as well as you hoped.

    That is where preparing for possible outcomes in advance is so helpful. It can help mitigate against bad outcomes.

    And yes, luck (good or bad) will always play a role. We must humble ourselves over outcomes impacted by “lucky” factors.

  3. This information is so true. Though being persistent and working hard can get you somewhere, you’re right, it takes more than that. Wisdom and community is the key to truly transform your life and go above the status quo. I like the saying you don’t know what you don’t know. So I try to find people who are ahead of me on the trail of life ask them to teach me. Thanks for sharing, this is really good information.

  4. Thanks Amanda for your encouraging words. True, we will get farther, faster when we learn lessons from others on the path to success. None of us is as smart as all of us.
    I think your website (wealthwelldone.com) is excellent as well, full of good stuff for those ready to learn. I am grateful we have connected and can learn from each other!

  5. I like that you’re bringing together a family of achievers to help each other out. I know I definitely need that.
    You’re right hard work and persistence are not enough. I’ve found belief also comes into play. Belief in your dreams and belief that God’s got it.

  6. Yes! I totally agree with you Sibo. For me, God has been a central part in my life, helping me to live for things MUCH bigger than me. Thanks for sharing your perspective! BTW- Love your website!