50 Hidden Influences Impacting Your Decisions [Infographic]

The Ultimate List of Influences Distorting How You See Reality

We All Make Choices,
But In The End Our Choices Make Us.

-Ken Levine

One of the most important factors to achieving success in life is making good decisions.

Good decisions = a better life
Poor decisions = a regret filled life

Kind of hard to argue with that.

But, here’s the problem: There are hidden factors distorting every decision you make—even the ones carefully made.

Hidden below the surface of every situation requiring a decision are 100+ different distortions, called cognitive bias, that are pushing and pulling you every which waybut you can’t see them.

Even worse, they distort your perception of reality.

  • Your perception of yourself
  • How you perceive others
  • Your perception of “the facts”
  • How you perceive the past
  • How you look at the future
  • Your perception of your current situation

The Ultimate Cognitive/Mental Bias Infographic. 

This thorough (5 full PDF pages!), informative reference reveals all sorts of distortions. For example:

  • Framing Effect – You can draw radically different conclusions from the same information, depending on how it is presented.
  • IKEA Effect – You place a disproportionately higher value on things you personally create or contribute to.
  • Mere Exposure Effect – Increased favorability toward things merely because you are familiar with them.
  • Zero Risk Bias – Prefer reducing a small risk to zero over a greater reduction in a larger risk.
  • Illusory Correlation Bias– Inaccurately seeing a cause/effect relationship toward random events.
  • Hindsight Bias – Tendency to filter the memory of past events through present knowledge (“I knew it all along” distortion).

Do you want to grow wiser and be more aware of all the hidden distortions around you? Use this 5-page infographic to learn about the various distortions all around you… and how to battle them.

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