One Simple Way to Improve Your Current Situation

Sometimes a small adjustment can make a big difference

This quote has had a profoundly positive impact on me. In many ways, it changed my life.

“If you don’t like something, change it.
If you can’t change it, change your attitude about it.”
– Maya Angelou

I used to whine about EVERYTHING I didn’t like. Like a malignant Johnny Appleseed, I spread my complaints far and wide to all who would listen.

No wonder people didn’t want to be around me… except for fellow whiners.

Ironically, but not surprisingly, I didn’t always want to be around my fellow whiners. Somehow, I didn’t see the connection.

Here’s how all that changed…

My Name is Pat… and I’m a Complainer

I realized I need to take action instead of sitting back and whining with fellow
complainers. I now consider myself a recovering complainer,

First, I proactively try to change the situation.Stop Complaining

  • What can I do to improve the situation?
  • Are there others I can enlist who can make a difference?
  • Am I approaching it constructively… or just critically?

But, if it can’t be changed, I proactively seek to change my
attitude and perspective about the situation.

  • I remind myself that “this too shall pass.” Nothing lasts forever.
  • Every day I choose to make the best of a tough situation.
  • I recognize that I can personally grow in and through the situation. “What tried to demolish me, I choose to allow it to polish me.”

Plus, I give it to God. I’ll let him handle it and/or work in me to have a better attitude. It may be unchangeable from my resources… but not God’s.

What a Difference!

Here’s the thing. We can actually thrive in difficult situations (not just endure it)… if we have a better perspective.

I’m not saying it is easy. You don’t just snap your fingers and things change. Everyday you need to make the choice on how you deal with difficulty.

I’m not totally and consistently there. But, I am reaping the harvest of healthier choices.

Will you join me on the road to recovery from being a serial complainer?

YOUR TURN! Leave a comment below – How have you sought to be more proactive when facing a tough situation?

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2 thoughts on “One Simple Way to Improve Your Current Situation

  1. Hi Pat.
    Thanks. I too complain far more than I should especially with all the things and life blessings we have here in Australia. Your advice/actions/questions hit home with some analogies to another issue of mine – talking and complaining about others behind their backs. I have had some success in reducing this through prayer but your lists add some more things to think about and ask.
    Also thanks for the link to the morning prayers on your Thanksgiving post.

  2. Good insights Peter about “complaining” about people behind their back. Yes, I think we are all guilty of that one.

    Often, our complaints are based on the other people being or doing things differently than we would. Different is not wrong… it is only different.

    Oh, to have a gracious spirit in our dealings with ALL people, including and especially those who are different from us, or who view things differently than us. What a better world this would be if we consistently lived like this!