3 Simple Actions to Become a Better You

These Foundational Actions Can Snowball Over Time

There’s not a person out there who doesn’t want to improve their lives. It’s ingrained in us. We want to be the best that we can be.

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So why do so few of us actually take the needed steps
to improve our lives?

Much like anything else in life, I think the answer is we
overcomplicate what really needs to be done to be better.

We formulate grand schemes. We layout everything at once.  We look at the big picture.

And then we get hit with the overwhelm.

Taking a look at the overall plan, we see no way to better ourselves.We become paralyzed with analysis paralysis.

Just like our answers should be simple, we can break down a better you through baby steps. Eventually, the baby steps will snowball into breakthrough.

To become a better you, try adding or beefing up these three actions to your life:

1. Read 10 pages from a book every day 

Becoming more knowledgeable about a subject is easy. You can start the process of learning by reading a small portion of a book each day.

Choosing to read 10 pages shouldn’t take you too long. Anywhere from 10 minutes to 20 minutes. You can spare that, can’t you?

If you’re able to read 10 pages each day, you would be amazed at how many books you could read in a year. Do you know how many books you could average a year?

Say the average book length is 200 pages, at 10 pages a day, you could read 18 books a year. That’s quite a few books.

The best part? They say it only takes reading 3 books to become an expert in a given field. Will you better yourself to expert status?

Stumped on what to read? Here’s a few of the great books I recommend.

2. Spend time with loved ones. 

I think our lives improve when we’re around those we love and those who love us. There’s something special about the feelings we have when we’re amongst love.

Schedule time in your day to get together with your wife, your mother and father, your dogs, your friends, or whoever else makes you feel loved. Bask in the great feeling love brings.

Don’t neglect the power of love. When love is given, it encourages us to become better.

3. Exercise three times a week

Seek out time to exercise during your week. Exercise has the power to not only increase your physical fitness, it improves your mental sharpness as well.

You’ll gain a pep in your step after going for a brief run, walk, or a short power lifting session. Chemicals will be released that will increase your mental prowess.

Not only will you begin to look good, you’ll become smarter as well.

You might have noticed something in the actions to become a better you. They require you to be consistent with little things and take action day after day.

This isn’t a comprehensive list. It’s only a start. But that’s what it takes to become better.

A start.

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