The Benefits of Laughter: An Effective, Free Stress Fighter

We all need more vitamin L every day :)

Benefits of a good laughter“Laughter is an instant vacation.” – Milton Berle

“A good laugh and a long sleep are two
of the best cures for anything.” -Unknown


Most everyone loves a good laugh. Well, except certain grumpy, uptight people who never smile… you know who you are 🙁

But did you know that laughter has many, many health benefits, too? This includes dealing with stress.

Over 350 studies have established a ton of benefits that come to us when we laugh. There are just 4 benefits in particular that might surprise you.

1. Laughter releases potent endorphins. A good laugh releases a dose of endorphins, our feel-good hormone. Here’s why that is great news: endorphins help counteract the negative emotions and stress we experience in daily life. The effects of these endorphins are heightened… when we laugh with others.

Hmm… do you think that’s why we instinctively make a joke to lighten the mood in certain situations, to experience some relief?


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