50 Cognitive Biases Wrecking Your Decisions [Infographic]

The Ultimate List of Influences Distorting How You See Reality

We All Make Choices,
But In The End Our Choices Make Us.

-Ken Levine

One of the most important factors to achieving success in life is making good decisions.

Good decisions = a better life
Poor decisions = a regret filled life

Kind of hard to argue with that.

But, here’s the problem: There are hidden factors distorting every decision you make—even the ones carefully made.

Download your infographic below with details on 50 hidden decision distortions!

The Unseen Conspiracy Against You

These silent influencers are pushing and pulling you… without you even knowing it.

These unseen influences are like little gremlins that silently hijack your ability to make an unbiased decision. That can mess up not only your life, but those you lead.

To explain what’s going on, let’s go to the movies for a minute.

When Determination is Not Enough

IHidden decision making influencesmagine you are Tom Hanks in the movie Castaway. You really, really, really want to get the heck off that island… but you don’t want to die in the process. In this version of Castaway, you know where the nearest inhabited land is.

So, you carefully chart your course, pack up your best friend Wilson and begin paddling. You use a compass to make sure you are paddling in the right direction. You are convinced that with enough determination and effort, you will arrive at the destination.

There is just one thing you didn’t know.
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What you didn’t see or factor into your efforts is a strong ocean current that is pulling you off course. Despite your most careful efforts to go in the right direction, you find yourself terribly off course.

The Treacherous Currents of Decision Making

Here’s my point: unless you are aware of, and factor in this unseen current when you make decisions, you are doomed to miss the mark…

… no matter how focused you are
… no matter how careful you try to be

Hidden below the surface of every situation requiring a decision are 100+ different distortions, called cognitive bias, that are pushing and pulling you every which way.

Even worse, they distort your perception of reality.

  • Your perception of yourself
  • How you perceive others
  • Your perception of “the facts”
  • How you perceive the past
  • How you look at the future
  • Your perception of your current situation

The Ultimate Cognitive Bias Infographic-
50 Hidden Influences That Can Wreck Your Decisions

Do you want to grow wiser and be more aware of all the hidden distortions around you?

Use the infographic information to the right to learn about the various currents all around you… and how to battle them.

Click on the infographic image ———–>
to the right and download it now!

YOUR TURN! Leave a comment below regarding which bias most surprises you.

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3 thoughts on “50 Cognitive Biases Wrecking Your Decisions [Infographic]

  1. A great “quick view” to enhance awareness and help to practice removing bias from our daily decisions!